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MINIMAL JEWELLERY: Accessorize Z Range

09:50Lamour decaitlin

I've always been a girl for accessories, I literally cannot leave the house without a few rings and pretty sparkly things on, I'm like a friggin' magpie. However, my collection mainly consists of silver pieces, and gold was a territory I rarely ventured into until I discovered the new Accessorise 'Z' range. It consists of really beautiful, dainty gold plated pieces, that are really minimal, and just simply stunning. I started off with this Aura Precious Stone Pendant, which I totally fell in love with, I love the colour and I just think its really pretty and adds a little something to an outfit. My brother then bought me this super cute matching ring stack set for christmas, which can even make my little chubby hands look cute and dainty - I know hard to believe right?

Since photographing this post Ive actually bought even more from the range including the Evil eye ring and the Delicate Crystal Bar Necklace, which I will link up below. I love layering this jewellery together for a more casual pretty bohemian look, which is perfect to get you into the summer hippy vibes. 

I also think they make such beautiful presents, as they look way more expensive than they actually are, and I think they're so simply beautiful they will appeal to so many lovely ladies - mothers day present sorted I'm thinking?
Aura Precious Stone Pendant 

Caitlin B xo

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