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The Review: Soap and Glory Brow Archery

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Until a last month I was a eyebrow pencil virgin. Terrified of looking like I had fierce, box drawn slugs on my face I never bought into the idea of literally drawing on your brows. My first experience with brows was around the age of 15, I used to try and pluck them really thin so they didn't look so dark against my bleached blonde hair, to me they were like
really curly, dark ugly things and I hated them so much, I used to wish I could bleach them lighter- can't you imagine! By the time year 11 prom came around I'd died my hair darker, and bigger darker brows were coming back into fashion, and my mum took me to have them shaped and tinted at a local benefit counter, thats were I bought my first brow product the Benefit- Brow Zings, which I absolutely loved, and ever since I've stuck to filling them in with a shadow formula on an angled brush, until now...

I was recommended this product by my bestie Caitlin Alder, she really liked it and I was really keen to try out a new brow product, and after reading it was the purse friendly alternative to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I couldn't help giving it a try! Firstly I really love the colour, its quite ashy and not to dark which is surprising considering the colour is called 'Hot Chocolate', but this means it fills and shapes my brows nicely without letting them contrast to much from my highlighted hair. Its super easy to use I start from the inner part of the brow almost lightly drawing in little hairs to fill in any sparse areas, I then work on the shape, creating more definition in the arch and slightly elongating the brow. I love love that fact there is a spoolie on the end, meaning I don't have to reach for another tool to smooth down any unruly hairs! The consistency is quite waxy, meaning its easy to apply and has a long staying power! I think you can create such natural definition, which I didn't think was achievable with a pencil, but it can also be built up to create a more statement look, which I'm starting to warm to slowly but surely! 

I also really like the packaging! The pencil is nice and long and pretty thin, meaning its nice to hold in your hand- that might sound really weird but I think its a massive advantage and makes it easier to work with. I also really like that the pencil is relatively dry and waxy in formula in comparison to say a regular eye liner, meaning the product doesn't slip and only stays where you put it! - No one wants melting brows! Over all I am a total convert to the brow pencil and I don't think ill be going back to the effort of using shadow any time soon.

Caitlin Baker xo 

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