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REVIEW: Dove Oxygen Moisture Hair Care

10:17Lamour decaitlin

I literally have the most lack luster hair going. If I brush it when its wet it will dry flat and hang like a dead thing against my cheeks, and if I let it go o'natural I look like Hermione Granger- before puberty. My hunt for a good volumising product has been a long, but I think I may have finally found the one! I'm a low maintanence kinda girl (would you believe it) so mousses never quite did it for me because I knew I'd have to give my hair a good blow dry with a barrel brush and come on who has time for that at 8am when you've slept for 3 hours and your eyeliner is looking like your a wanna be Winehouse? So mousses were a big no, and every other root boosting spray I'd tried just didn't quite do the trick, until I saw a review on the lovely Amelia Liana's channel about this little beauty and now I'm a total covert. Low and behold the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray.
It literally does what it says on the tin, gives a little boost to the roots of fine and flat hair - and it can be used on dry or wet hair - BONUS! I just simply sprits it into the roots of my hair when its wet, give it a little massage in, then tip my hair upside down and give it a quick blitz (yes thats the technical term) with the hair dryer and your ready to go! Instant volume and fuss free, I'm sold!

After falling hard for the root spray, I decided to give the shampoo and conditioner combo a go, but I have to admit I'm not convinced. It's ok. But ok isn't really good enough in my books. It left my hair super clean feeling but I don't think it added any volume and didn't leave me with glossy locks so I don't think I will be repurchasing.

So in conclusion, if you have fine and flat hair like me, this root spray is a total holy grail product, but you don't need to go crazy and buy the whole range, in my opinion the shampoo and conditioner combo just isn't worth the hype!

Caitlin B xo

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