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REVIEW: Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy

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Sit down and grab yourself a tea because I have news. Caitlin Baker bought a nail varnish, and shock horror - its not by Essie. For anyone thats been following this blog for the last year you will have learnt by now that I'm a total junkie for Essie nail polish, and between me and my mum, I think we now own half the stand. But after noticing a few posts on the blog stratosphere about this latest polish release from Revlon I just had to give it a try.
The polish works as a combo, with the colour working both as a base and polish and then the diamond top coat to give a super shiny, gel like finish. Obviously I was channelling my inner barbie girl the day I went shopping for this as I went for the brightest pink going in the shade: Hot Hand.

Firstly I kinda love the shade even if it looks like candy world exploded on my nails. Secondly the opacity is really impressive, I did two coat and the colour pay off was amazing, no streaks at all!
Super easy application, and they lasted a full 7 days without chipping! - Yep that diamond top coat did not lie! The only down side to the range is theres not a huge choice of colours, although I do have my eye on a couple more including Up the Anti which is a gorgeous purple and Show Time which is a cobalt blue. Although they are slightly more pricey that you're typical high street varnishes like Barry M, I defintely think they are worth the investment, and the top coat you can use with all your other polishes which is always a bonus!
Let me know below if you've tried any shades in the range or have any other polish recommendation while I'm venturing away from Essie!

Caitlin B xo

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  1. There is something about Essie nail polishes isn't there! Maybe the way they're displayed because it is just too easy to buy more than one, these polishes look lovely! I love using the gel effect ones x

    1. I know, I think all the colours on the stand make it too hard to ignore! so pretty!x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Gorgeous colour, you can't beat a Barbie pink shade!
    xxx Claire


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