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Perfect Nude Spring Lip Colour - Mac Peach Blossom

11:29Lamour decaitlin

For anyone that knows me, or has been following this blog for a while, you'll know I'm not nude lipsticks biggest fan. For me I always fear I'm running the risk of the old 00's foundation matted out lip look that we all used to attempt rock in high school, so as a general rule I try and steer clear. I have naturally pretty rosy lips in colour so trying to find a nude that suits my complexion has been a task, until I read a little feature in glamour magazine last week, that gave a run down of different tones to try out for different complexions. As I suspected for rosy lips and pale skin it said to steer clear of classic light nudes as it will totally wash you out - which yep I had figured out by now, but it suggested in stead to try out more peachy tones. Hence, off I trotted to Harvey Nichols to find a peachy toned nude to add to my lipstick stash.

Unsurprisingly, I found myself at the Mac stand, swatching all the nudes they had to offer, when I discovered a shade I'd never seen before - Peach Blossom. Suggested in the name, its a peachy toned nude with orange undertones, meaning it doesn't wash out pale skin tones and instead enhanced the more yellowy tones in your skin. The shade is in a creme sheen formula so its super hydrating, and has a slightly glossy finish which is really gorgeous when it catches the light- perfect for spring! Its such a perfect day time colour, and I don't think I will be taking it off my lips all spring.

Caitlin B xo

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