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A Fake Tan for Fake Tan Haters

11:04Lamour decaitlin

Usually, Im a hater of fake tan. It smells weird, its patchy, the colour is really orange and it lasts until it rains! But as a poor student that can't afford a holiday this year, i've come to the conclusion I've gotta fake it till I make it, so on the hunt I went for a good fake tan. I was literally over whelmed when I went into boots to look for one, so much so that the first time I went I actually walked out with nothing because I just couldn't make a decision - (Sorry for dragging you in Linds). But I went again and found this little gem from Rimmel which has totally changed my perception of fake tan for good!
The formulation is a mousse consistency which is actually more like a foam when it come out the pump - super weird I know, but the lightness of the formula makes the application really easy. I just put a couple of pumps onto a tanning mit and buffed away. It dried in two minutes which is amazing, meaning you don't feel all gross and sticky after wards and it only took 1 hour to develop - even better - no waiting around for 3 hours like some tans- seriously who has time for that?!
Considering the colour was light I really did notice quite a difference in colour - probably because I have the skin tone of a vampire, but I got loads of compliments on how tanned I looked which always seals the deal on a product! I went for a matte colour which I think gave a more natural looking tan, so it wasn't too obvious it was faked! The best thing about this product though is it lasted an entire week and it wore off really well meaning I wasn't left with weird patches of tan and moreover its really affordable at like 1/4th of the price of brands like St Tropez. Literally cannot rave about this product enough and it has fully restored by faith in fake tan, and I think I will be faking it all summer long!

Let me know in the comments if you've tried this or other really great drug store fake tans!

Caitlin B xo

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