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The Eye Shadow Stick Worth The Investment - By Terry Ombre Black Star

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I think this product has been the most raved about eye shadow release of the year. I've literally not stopped hearing about it, so eventually I caved and had to see what all the fuss was about, and I was seriously not disappointed. The product is essentially a cream eye shadow in stick form, making it really easy to apply. I went for the shade Mysty Rock which is a really beautiful metallic purple which looks really glossy and sparkly on the lid.

The most amazing thing about this product is I draw it all over the lid and then blend it out with a fluffy shadow brush, and it really looks like you've spent ages putting highlights in the inner corners and darker shadow in the crease, just from this one product! I have no idea how it works, it really is a mystery to me, but I think its absolutely gorgeous and creates such a fuss free makeup look which looks like you've spent ages on - perfect for a lazy girl like me! Above I just used this eye shadow stick, with a little bit of the Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner, some Clarins mascara and the Tanya Burr - Every Day Flutter corner lashes, to take it to an evening look. Although this is a pretty pricey product, its definitely worth it if you buy a colour you know you'll wear loads. This product is definitely worth the hype surrounding it and the only thing I regret is not buying it sooner! 

Caitlin B xo 

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  1. Holy moly, I definitely need this shade in my collection! I picked up Brown Perfection by mistake a while ago so now I need to rectify that.
    xxx Claire

  2. You are so hot 😘 is this what I borrowed one time? It was so good!! Xxxx


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