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Its All About The Eyes- L'oréal Color Riche, L'ombre Pure Eyeshadow

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Introducing: L'oréal's Color Riche- L'ombre Pure Eyeshadow in NUDE- 201 Cafe Saint Germain...

Now it is a very very rare occurrence, that I ever rave about a single stand alone eye shadow. As you will know if you follow my blog, my favourite go to shadow- Sin from the Urban Decay Naked Pallet, which is worn most days of the week is coming to a long awaited and heartbreaking end *sob. It is so so annoying when your favourite colour from a pallet gets all used up, and the brand don't sell it as a single shadow! Why Urban Decay WHY?! Now there was no way I was going to re-purchase the whole pallet, do they think I'm made of money? so as of late I have been on the hunt for a replacement, and when I discovered the latest single shadow releases from L'oréal my heart skipped a beat. 
This totally kicks Sins ass in my opinion, in terms of colour pay off, consistency and wearability! 
The colour is a little on the deeper side, with more purple hews, which really suits all eye colours and is a really nice neutral everyday colour. The finish is quite sheer, very similar to Sin which I obviously love, its not at all glittery so gives a sheeny effect to the eye. Its really blend able, doesn't crease on me and the colour pay off is exceptional, so gets all all round thumbs up! 

L'oreal have actually bought these single shadows out in three finishes including: Nude, Luminous and Matte, so I'm really excited to try these out too, they are so affordable I picked mine up for under £5 which is an absolute bargain!

Let me know if you've tried out any of these shadows and what your favourite colours are!
Caitlin B x

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