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Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

09:03Lamour decaitlin

Hey guys, sorry for my extended absence - second year's hard...who knew?! But I'm back and I wanted to share something that I've been absolutely loving recently.

The Zoeva Rose Gold brush set. Now, I know I know, this is sort of old news but I've only just recently got my hands on these brushes and they are totally worth the hype. Firstly, they are probably the most beautiful brushes I have even seen. So beautiful that I didn't even touch them for the first week of having them because I couldn't bare to ruin them!

Not only beautiful, but practical too. The set includes (right to left); a powder brush, a Silk Finish foundation brush, a Luxe Sheer Cheek brush, a Face Shape brush, a concealer buffer, a Luxe Soft Definer eye shadow brush, a Luxe Petit Crease eye shadow brush, and a wing liner brush. What I love is there isn't a single dud brush, quite often with sets there are some brushes that leave you thinking 'what the hell are you for?!' but there's none of that here. 

And at €58 (about £43), it's also not bad value for 8 brushes! The only issue I have heard about these is that they can rust slightly after several washes, so I'm doing my best to take extra care of them to prevent this. Other than that, I love them! And I'm telling you, if you give into the hype like me you won't regret it...

Caitlin A 

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