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Favourite Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up

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As far as concealers go, I'm no expert. It's something I've always been far to lazy to bother with, but being a student, I've now learnt the art of faking I've had 8 hours sleep by covering up those dark rings to the very best of my ability along with drinking copious amounts of coffee! 

Before I was using the Collection 2000 concealer - the sworn by product of all beauty lovers, but after scrapping the barrel of that I decided to try something else. I've tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation before and loved it so decided why not give the concealer a go. Its definitely a more brightening and illuminating formula, as the packaging 'radiant glow' would suggest, making it perfect for concealing and brightening the under eye area. In terms of coverage its definitely a step down from the Collection 2000, so isn't totally ideal if your wanting something to cover blemishes, as it is slightly more sheer and glowy. So if your in need of something a bit more heavy duty definitely check out Collection 2000. 

I also quite like to use this as a more highlighting product, therefore putting it down the nose, and under the eyes but bringing the product down quite low in a Kim K esque manner, which I think works really well as a more day time highlighting look. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know which your swear by concealers are, I love hearing what everyone else is using! 

Caitlin B xo 

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