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It is offical I am seriously so over winter now. I'm totally over all the deep berry reds, and rich maroons, so to kick off the new season changes, as always I've switched up the nail department first!
These are two Essie Polishes I've had in my collection for a little while that I'm head over heals obsessed with this month.

The first is a dark metallic blue called Midnight Cami, that sort of sits somewhere between electric blue and navy. This, I have to admit, was slightly inspired by Aria from Pretty Little Liars who is my current girl crush of the moment - anyone else style crushing much?! Anyway back to the polish, its a really unique colour and catches the light really beautifully for a slightly metallic finish - totally gorgeous and a bit of a classic that will come around again and again.

The second is a dusky blue, with grey undertones again from Essie called Rock the Boat. This again I think is a really unique polish, as its inundated with tiny little flecks of glitter which catch the light for a very slight sparkly look. I love this shade at the moment, as I've found I've been wearing a lot of grey lately - super boring I know, and just find this compliments it really nicely. Its a really nice light shade without being overly pastellie and spring like! Definitely a good transition shade!

Hope this gave you some new season nail insp, check out my Pinterest to see my other into spring transition loves -

Caitlin B xo

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