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I think its fair to say the hype for the Urban Decay Naked Pallets is still going pretty strong! I've had the original one for maybe around two years now, and I can safely say its my most used product, I absolutely love it, its so versatile it does day and night looks, its just a complete staple in my makeup bag!  But I have been very tempted for some time to try the Naked 2 and 3 and I just can't bring myself to spend so much on the others when some of the colours are very similar, which is why I have been on the hunt for a similar alternative or DUPE which I think I may have finally found! 

The brand is called Makeup Revolutions, and they can be found in selected Superdrug stores and on the website. They have basically brought out 3 pallets with colours very similar to Urban Decay Naked Pallets, called 'Redemption Pallet Iconic 1, 2 and 3. 
I went for number 2 and was actually pleasently surprised to say that upon comparison with my flat mates Naked 2 Pallet the colours were very very similar, the only slight comparison being that the Makeup Revolutions ones had a little bit more shimmer to them- which isn't always a bad thing! Secondly, I was also really impressed with the formulation and pigmentation, they are very buttery and not as chalky as you might expect from a high street brand, they blended really well, and gave a surprising good colour pay off. I did a grey and black smokey eye the other day and was really impressed with the result I think it looked really good and was very very impressed! The only slight downfall is the matte shades, I don't know why but I always feel high street pallets never get the mattes quite as buttery and blend-able as high end, but hey for £4 I'm really not complaining! I really think these are worth giving a go if you want something similar to the Urban Decay Naked Pallets and have a student bank balance like mine and if your someone that loves more neutral coloured eye makeup looks. I think I'm definitely going to have to re-visit this stand and see what else they've got!

(Make Up Revolutions- Redemption Pallet Iconic 2 and Urban Decay - Naked Pallet Original)

(You can tell how loved my naked pallet is! - Embarrassing)

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