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3 Steps to Fuller Looking Lips

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Those 90's looking full lips are definitely coming back in thanks to the new reining Kardashian, Miss Kylie Jenner. So today I thought i'd share a few tips for fuller looking lips without the injections and without looking super over drawn like they did in the 90's. - I do apologise for the awful selfies in advanced but I feel like you have to use pictures to explain properly!

Rimmel Lip Exaggerate- East End Snob- I really do hate the name for this colour but names aside, this product is a pretty good dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, so if your looking for a cheaper alternative here it is! I just lined my lips starting from the corners in a round motion to get a fuller lip effect. I then used the liner to fill in the whole lip, this makes lipstick last longer and stops that obviously lined 90's look. If you want to achieve a more Kylie look, don't go for a defined cupids bow, going for a more rounded effect makes the lips look plumper and fuller. 
Personally I prefer the cupids bow as mine is quite profound, you can see below right where I've tried to draw over it and it just doesn't suit me like Kylie so find whats right for you! 
Benefit High Beam- Or any liquid highlighter, pop this just on the cupids bow, the highlight brings that area of the lips forward creating definition, therefore further pronouncing it! 
Tanya Burr Lip Gloss- Aurora-  To finish off I just pop a tiny bit of gloss just in the centre of the lip to create shine and again the high gloss further pronounces the centre of the lip making them appear fuller! 
I hope this is helpful, let me know in the comments below if you have any more tricks for fuller looking lips! 
Caitlin B xo 
ps. don't worry the brows are being sorted at the salon today!!

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