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I'll be straight up honest, my skin has not faired to beautifully this winter. I'm not sure if its been the weather, or the feeling a bit worse for wear or the fact I really do not drink enough water at all, but I had just found that my skin had been a little dry and dull and just all round blahh. I did however do a little switching up in the skincare department, and made a new years resolution to really look after my skin well and things are starting to brighten up, so I thought I would share a few products I think that have really helped my skin get out of its little bad patch!

Garnier Micellar Water - If I've been rocking a winged liner look -which is pretty much every day, I like to use something quick and effective to take off my eye makeup. The Garnier Micellar Water is the best for this, it's so quick, I just soak a cotton pad and press it onto my lids and the makeup literally just dissolves away, I cannot rave about this product enough!

Clinique Take the Day off - For cleansing, a new discovery for me has been the Take the Day off Balm, you simply massage onto dry skin, it turns into to a slightly milky texture which I then take off with a warm damp flannel. After this my skin just feels really clean and nourished. Its so hydrating which makes it the perfect cleanser for autumn/winter. 

Clarins HydraQuench Cream and Intensive Serum - I cannot contain my excitement for how happy I am to have these beauties back in my life! You know people say you don't know what you had until its gone- that definitely applied when I ran out of these!  They are the most hydrating products I have ever used, perfect for my dry/dehydrated skin, they really sooth and plump the skin I can't get enough, I use the cream morning and evening and the serum in the evenings. I also switch this up with the Nivea Soft Moisturisor which is really nice and hydrating, with a thicker formulation which I sometimes use in the evening when my skin is especially thirsty. 

Tea Tree Blemish Night Lotion - This is something I've wanted for a while ever since I used my best friends, I just use it before bed when I'm having a break out or have a really pesky spot and I really think it helps clear it up so much faster! 

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash - Before now I hadn't been a big believer in eye cream, it just seemed liked over priced moisturiser in a tiny pot, but after having really sore, dry eyes in the last couple of weeks, this product has been a bit of a life saver (along with some eye drops). I just squeeze a tiny amount onto my ring finger and lightly dab it under my eye area and just above the lids. Its really helped to protect that delicate skin, and Im so glad I've added this step to the routine!

I hope you enjoyed this post and has given you a few new ideas if your thinking about switching up the skincare rota for the new year! 
Caitlin B xo

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