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Today is equal pay day, the day of the year that marks the end of equal pay. As in, for the next 57 days, until the new year, the women of this country will (technically) work for free. And the pay gap is showing no signs of decreasing. This fateful day has come even earlier than last year, 3 days to be exact. Us women are averagely paid 80p for every pound our male counterparts make, for exactly the same work. 

Since I'm a student, I scrounge off of the government in the form of a student loan to get me by but as for the rest of you hard working women, I say you all just take a long and well deserved holiday until the new year! Let's face it, the place will probably fall apart with out you. And whilst all the men are running around like headless chickens trying to work out how shit usually gets done, maybe they'll finally wake up and realise that recognising women for the work they do and finally closing the pay gap would be a damn good idea. 

Although closing the pay gap will only be a step along the way to equality, its a pretty big one. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to turn down invitations to my friends house because I'm too scared to walk home alone in the dark. I can't wait for the day that 'you've got a lovely arse' is no longer shouted at me from vans (forcing me to be oh so unlady like to flip them off before they've driven past). And I can't wait for the day that the quality of the words I have to say is considered greater that the amount of cleavage I have on show (thank you Emma Watson for starting to prove this!).

So, listen ladies, we deserve better than this, and don't forget that. 

Caitlin A 

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