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The Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

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Have you ever had that moment when you wake up in the morning, start on your base and realise, s*** I'm seriously orange? Last week I had this moment after continuing to use my holiday tanned foundation, long after my tan had faded.- (FYI really not a good look!) It always happens at the worst of times as well right?
Just two days before I was off to Goodwood for Ladies day, and occasion I really didn't want to look like only my face had walked right out of an essex tanning salon. So I went straight to Boot's to try and find a new foundation, practically dragging my mum for colour match up support- Yes this is totally necessary or I never come back with the right colour!
There were loads of great foundations that I've tried and tested on the high street but I was really keen to try something new that lots of others had raved about, so ended up picking up the Bourjois- Healthy Mix foundation in the colour No53- which is a really good colour match for me. Right from the moment I put it on I could see what all the fuss was about. It has a really light, liquid texture, which blends into the skin seamlessly. It really made the overall appearance of my skin flawless, with a healthy dewy finish, very similar to my Nars foundation- Not too glowy and sparkly like the Rimmel's 'Wake me up', rather more sheer and lets luminosity shine through. The coverage is light to medium, but is definitely build-able, and I feel that Ive been using concealer a lot less since using this foundation. To apply I use my Real Techniques Expert Face brush, and spend time apply the foundation with light circular motions to really buff it into the skin to get that flawless effect, which I feel works really well. 
I feel way more confident about my skin since using this foundation, and find it really covers imperfections well and gives my skin a beautiful radiance. I LOVE IT!
Let me know what high street foundations your loving and what other Bourjois products are amazing like this!  

Caitlin Baker x

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