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Now, I read a lot of beauty blogs and watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube, but nothing makes me more sad than when the brands/products they talk about are mostly high end. I dream of having the money to fill my make-up bag to brim with all of the brands that I lust after, but for now that's just not the case. So, heres a few of my favourite beauty buys that definitely won't break the bank. 

Good old Bastiste dry shampoo, for me you can't go wrong here. It makes your hair look fresher between washes, some of the scents smell so good and because I'm blonde you can't see the white residue a lot of people have a problem with! This is widely available at drugstores and supermarkets for around £2.99

Next up, my all time favourite tan. I'm not the kind of girl to mess around with fake tan all the time, I only bother on special occasions. Sally Hansen's Air Brush Legs is like make up for your legs, not only gives you colour but also covers discolouration and scaring pretty well too. So easy to apply and washes off in the shower, available from drugstores at around £10.

The Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser is the lazy girl's (or the busy girl) answer to moisturised skin. Just simply spray all over, quickly rub it in (it absorbs in seconds) and you're good to go! Available from drug stores at around £5.

You've probably heard how much every one loves Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer so I won't need to tell you that it works pretty damn well, and at a price of £4.19, you can't really say no!

I think Sleek is a good all round cheap but good quality brand so a lot of their products could have been featured in this post. But I think their pallets are particularly good quality, I've chosen to feature the Storm eye shadow pallet here, it's got neutrals, and brighter colours, and mattes and shimmers, perfect all rounder for someone starting out in make-up. £7 from drugstores.

The Kate Moss range for Rimmel Lipsticks is so so nice, the formula and pigmentation is lovely and the colour range is pretty big, everyone is sure to find a colour that suits them. I think they are a great alternative to the multitudes of high end lipsticks on the market. Available at drugstores for £5.49.

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