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A Summer Skincare Saviour: St Ives Scrubs

09:05Lamour decaitlin

Exfoliating: This is one of those steps in my skin care routine that I can be super lazy about! I religiously cleanse and moisturise but toning and exfoliating is one of those things that always gets left behind at the starting line! I used to use toner as part of my 3 step skin care routine, but I found that some toners (the ones I've tired!) can be really harsh and stripping which was no good for my dry skin at all. However I do feel getting rid off all that dead skin and impurities is a really important step, so was on the hunt for something that could do this while also keeping my skin silky smooth! 
After reading many posts and scouring the internet for the perfect solution, I was pointed in the direction of scrubs- like marmite its a love, hate product which some people swear by and others curse. After much deliberation I went for the St Ives range, for the pure fact that it smelt like apricots, (and that fact they did one especially for sensitive skin!) 
You would not even believe the difference adding this simple step in makes! My skin feels so revitalised and fresh, and most importantly free of impurities since adding this into my routine. At the moment I'm using it about twice a week, sometimes three if theres a special occasion, and it really has improved the appearance of my skin, especially since I've come back from holiday! I originally bought the 'Gentle' scrub, which is really great if you have sensitive skin, as it is less harsh and contains less exfoliating bits. When I'm having weeks where my skin is much better and more dry- normal I then use 'Invigorating' - Fresh Skin, which has slightly more exfoliating parts, to give your face a good scrub, ideal with anyone from normal to combination skin. 
I think weekly scrubs are a really great alternative to toners, especially if you have young skin, as it till helps to purify without being so harsh and stripping, this is also a really great product to anyone starting to get into a skin care routine as its low maintenance and affordable, just add a cleanser and a moisturisor and your good to go!

Hope you enjoyed this post and gave you a few ideas!
Caitlin B x

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