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A Favourite Revisited: Soap and Glory- Sugar Crush

10:08Lamour decaitlin

Today I thought I'd share a little re kindled love that has been blossoming this summer. Recently, I have witnessed the Soap and Glory 'Orangasm' Range, on every bloggers favourites list, everyones who's anyone has been raving about it so consequently, I trotted of to boots to go give it a whiff. I can safely say I was seriously disappointed. I really did not like the smell, it was far too over powering and citrusy for me, and personally I really prefer the Nivia orange scented body wash, which is half the price!

However, while at the Soap and Glory stand I couldn't help myself looking through all the other products, when suddenly re discovered the Sugar Crush range. Oh my, I completely forgot how gorgeous this scent was! Its a bit of an odd combo, as smells just like sweet lime and brown sugar! But it is honestly so beautiful and fresh and energizing body wash Ive ever used! I love using this in the morning, and it makes my skin feel super fresh and clean, and its jam packed full of lots of good ingredients to keep my skin silky smooth and nourished, just like all the other soap and glory products. I love using the body butter after Ive got out the shower to give my skin that extra nourishment, and to keep the scent going! It really does last on the skin, and always catch a waft of how good I smell! 
Its super gorgeous, and gets me feeling all awake and energised in the mornings, I literally cannot believe I forgot about it, and its now safely back in my shower! 

Caitlin B x

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