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The Sunday Post: Glamour, Cupcakes and Pimms

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Sundays have to be my favourite day of the week, totally made for Netflix, Summer BBQ's, spending time with family and friends and pampering. Now unlucky for me I'm working for the majority of the day like every other student out there *sigh* but i'm just gunna pray for 6 o'clock to roll, so I can indulge in a few of these treats...
I thought I'd use todays post to share some of the things I'm loving this sunday. First up my favourite read of the moment is Glamour Magazine, I absolutely adore the content its so fun and inspiring, ranging from beauty to lifestyle and fashion, its my little bible at the moment! So I'm definitely looking forward to a little flick through of that tonight, and the interview with one of my favourite artists Ellie Goulding! What more is theres also little Clinique Freebies in this months issue including the chubby sticks which I couldn't resist trying out. My favourite is in the shade Super Strawberry, I wore it out last night and thought it was so beautiful, will definitely be doing a look with this soon!
Im also going to treat myself to a little mani and pedi, trying out some of these sanctuary goodies, and using my favourite nail polish of the month Barry M's Rose Hip, which is a gorgeous pastel pink. 
On to the more random favourites this sunday, Im dying to try out the new Pimm's in Blackberry and Elderflower, I've heard good things so I'm excited to give this a try, I got it on special in Tesco for only £12! This week I've also fallen for a little naughty treat, which are these Carrot Cake Cupcakes from sainsburys, they are soooo yummy (yes the extra letters are totally necessary) and they count as one of my 5 a day right?  
I'd also love to know what kind of content you like seeing on Lamour de Caitlin, coming up with inspiration for content can be hard so I'd love to know what you like reading and what you want to see in the future, let me know in the comments!
I hope your all having a lovely sunday lots of love. 
Caitlin B x

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