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How to Wear - That Bright Lip

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I think were all guilty of a little impulse buy. Buying a product because we absolutely adore the colour, get all excited about it and cannot bare the thought leave it in the shop, but then discard it at the bottom of a draw somewhere and end up never wearing it, because its just a little too out of our comfort zone. I am a total convict for doing this. With the amount of stuff I don't use because, quite frankly I'm a little scared of its brightness or intensity, I think I could open up my own little beauty counter. So this week I've been digging out some of those products brushing off the dust and taking them for a little spin to see how I can make them work for me. 
Today I decided to tackle- That Bright Lip. Now my comfort zone for bright lipsticks pretty much stays in the region of red, occasionally dipping into the odd orange tone from time to time. Usually I find pink a bit too barbie girlish, and especially such a fuchsia tone as this Kate Moss by Rimmel in the colour 20, its just something I bought got it home and decided I couldn't leave the house in it. 
My solution to make it work? 
Option 1: I started by blotting the colour onto my lip, and then patting it in with my ring finger working it into the lip and creating more of a stain, this makes the colour less intense for a prettier less harsh finish. The colour pay off is exceptional and a little goes a long way so just built it up to the intensity you want. I then used my Maybelline Babylips (any lip balm will do) over the top to keep my lips nicely moisturised and the make the colour more sheer. 
Option 2: Another option I've tried is to put some of the lipstick onto the back of your hand, mix with Vaseline, to create a tinted balm. 
Option 3: If your really daring a love rocking a bright lip is to try and matte out the colour. You can do this by adding the colour to the lip, then pressing tissue against in to blot out the colour. Then lightly brush over some translucent loose powder (one that you'd normally use to fix your makeup), then blot out again, and this will give a more matte finish. 
Hope you enjoyed some of these tips and tricks to make an old product you thought wasn't quite for you work, and gave you a few ideas of how to rock That Bright Lip you never thought you could. 
Caitlin B x 

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