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How To: Contour (The Easy Way)

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Contouring is a word thats thrown about a lot; and for a long time I thought it was a complicated concept that was better off left to the professionals! However, it's simply not the case. And if your like me and have practically non-existent natural cheekbones, this one is for you! Obviously what I have to show you is a very simple version of contouring and there are other areas you could contour, your nose for example, which I just don't even bother trying! This is just how I fake much better cheekbones on a day to day basis!

The 'Before Shot' 
 You can use any make of bronzer you like, you need to make sure that it is matte. You don't want glitter all over your face for one, and it will also help to create a shadow. I love my Naked Flushed pallet from Urban Decay, the bronzer, highlight and blush are all really gorgeous colours and so easy to use!

Swish your brush around in the product, and tap the excess off on the back of your hand. The brush I'm using here is the Urban Beauty United Berry Blush brush, but I think it works great for this. I also often use a Kabuki brush to contour, I think they work really well too!

Tip 1: Now, you need to do you best fish face, with a good pout and sucking your cheeks in as much as you can. This gives you a natural crease that tells you where to apply the product. 

Tip 2: Use the left over product on the brush to blend into your temples and around the edge of your face just below the hairline where your skin would get a natural glow from the sun.

Tip 3: Imagine a vertical line from the end of your eyebrow down to the natural carve of your cheekbone and don't contour past this line towards your mouth! (if that makes any sense) 

Tip 4: Makes sure you don't apply product too low; between the natural carve and your jaw. Otherwise you may end up with jowls - which is like a beard made of bronzer!

Tip 5: I've often heard that using a light dusting of bronzer along your jaw line can make your face look thinner - I always do this although I don't think it makes a lot of difference on me!

I hope this helps - Enjoy your fake cheek bones!

Caitlin A


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