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And the award for best come-back product goes too...

This is one of those products I've had laying around in my makeup collection for years, that is always sneakily finding its way back into my makeup bag. However, over the last year or so its been pretty vacant from my life, and it wasn't until the release of the new Lolli tint, that I even remembered how amazing they were! 
So if you haven't used them before they basically come in a nail varnish style bottle, with a varnish style applicator brush, which can be used to tint the apples of your cheeks or your lips. Its an odd concept and feels totally wrong to apply something that looks like it was designed for nails to your face but I promise you the concept works all too well. I really enjoy wearing them on my lips when I'm having a minimal makeup kind of day, as they give a hint of colour, without being obvious faux. I then love applying them to my cheeks under my blush to intensify the colour.
The combo I'm loving at the moment is Lolli Tint used underneath Benefits Havana, as this creates a really pretty bubblegum pink shade blush, which is really fun and girly for the season. I do tend to use the different colours depending on the season, sticking to the original Benetint for Winter and Posie tint for Spring. 
Because they are a tint or 'stain' they do have really long wear staying power, which is why they are perfect if you want your makeup to stay put all day without many touch ups. To apply I like to pop some onto the back of my hand and then dip my finger into it and pat it onto and then blending into the apple of my cheeks, this avoids some areas becomes more intense in colour to others. For the lips I just use the applicator brush and then blot in with my little finger. I also love that when you apply to both the cheek and lip, all the tones in your makeup match which is just fool proof, and it saves you carrying around 2 products - BONUS!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've tried any of the Benetints and which are you favourites!
Caitlin B x

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