Bamboo Style Beach Waves

How To: Natural Beachy Waves Using Straighteners

08:20Lamour decaitlin

We all know the good old trick of sleeping with your hair in damp plaits to give your hair a nice natural wave in the morning. But what if your hair doesn't need washing that evening or you are just not one for planning hair styles ahead? Then I have the solution for you, you can create an almost identical look using your straighteners!

Take your hair in sections about an inch wide and clamp the tongs around it and twist in one direction slightly as if you were going to curl it, hold this is place as shown above, this will create a small kink in your hair. Drag the straighteners down the length of the hair a little and repeat in the opposite direction. Continue for the whole strip of hair and then the rest of your head.

I finished the look off with a good spritz of the Bamboo Style Boho Waves tousled texture mist. If you scrunch you hair a little with this in you should be left with nice beachy textured waves. 

Hope this is helpful to some of you!

Caitlin A


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