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The Lazy Girls Guide To Air-Drying Your Hair

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Throwing your head upside down and blasting you hair with the hair dryer turbo style every morning is the last thing you want to be doing on a blisteringly hot summers day, and moreover your just keen to get outside into the sunshine ASAP especially on holiday! But would you dare to leave the house without styling or at least drying your hair? 
2014 has been confirmed by the catwalks to be the year of the raw undone beauty, in both the make up and hair department, so heres my quick lazy girlies guide to leaving hair to dry the natural way!

Now these following steps definitely work better if you have slightly grown out, and undone hair, that does hold a particular style. First things first I towel dry my hair (surprise, surprise) but I spend a good two or so minutes doing this, really trying to make sure I get most of the water out, doing this properly really makes a big difference so spend as much time doing it as you can afford. Don't be too rigours as this can make the hair knotty and frizzy, just go for patting down the hair or scrunching as this will give more body. I then like to lightly comb through any bits that have got a bit knotty, but i never go in with a big paddle brush and this just gets rid of all the natural texture, and leaves hair flat! 
If your like me and have fine and flat hair, I like to add a little oil into the ends of the hair to keep them looking nourished and healthy I either go for Moroccan Oil or the Aussie colour protect Serum. I tend to avoid heavy products as this can weigh down the hair. 
Once nearly dry I then play around with the style a bit more often using sea salt spray and scrunching the hair with my fingers and twisting bits round with my fingers, to add to that messy undone look sometimes even backcombing at the roots, the key is to to mess around with the style to early on as this can ruin the natural textures. Im wearing this style all the time at the moment especially when I'm going to work at just cannot be bothered with styling in the mornings! 
Will you dare to stop the heat styling?

Caitlin B x

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