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NOTW: Flower Nail Art

10:11Lamour decaitlin

Who said that nail art was for kids ay? If Alexa Chung can pull it off and look chic we can all attempt to right? Last week I decided to experiment with something a little different that I haven't tried in a long time! It was super easy to achieve, and I didn't use any special tools or anything just two nails varnishes and an opened out bobby pin- simple! 

I started by using my fav polish of the moment Rimmels - Breakfast in Bed from the Rita Ora collection. I then used a black shade by Ted Baker dipped the opened out bobby pin in the pot and dotted 5 little dots to make the petals at the cuticle end of each nail. Once this had dried I then used the pastel colour again on the other end of the bobby pin and dotted in the centre of each flower. Its is quick and easy anyone could do it. I think just using the two colours makes it a little more sophisticated but still really fun and super girly at the same time. I have a feeling I may become a little nails art crazy obsessed now, I love it so much! Let me know if you've created any nail art lately and what you used!
Caitlin B x

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