Daisy Eau So Fresh Floral

DAISY: EAU SO FRESH by Marc Jacobs

11:43Lamour decaitlin

And the most dreamy scent of the season goes to Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh which to me smells just like sunshine, youthful spirit, fresh flowers and prettiness all bottled up into the most gorgeous packaging I've ever seen (yes I do have it on display by my bedside!) Wearing it makes me want to spend the day under the sun in a field of daisies, and be a totally hippy girl. 
With top notes of Natural Raspberry and Pear, Heart notes of violets and apple blossom combined with bottom notes of Musk, Cederwood and Plum, this scent is truly knee quivering, giving of beautiful fresh and charming vibes. Ive been after this scent for absolutely ages but this week finally fell and gave into its beautiful charm. A beautiful scent for a beautiful time of year. 
Caitlin B x

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