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The Review: Loreal Super Liner

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Being a massive fan girl of winged liner, I thought it only be appropriate I shared with you my favourite liquid liner to achieve the perfect 'cat eye' feline look. The Loreal Super Liner is a product I go back to again and again because its not only has the blackest finish I've ever seen, but also lasts all day, and I mean all day! I could spend all day crying watching the notebook and know my flicks will still be intact. 

A couple of months or so ago, I finally decided to tag along with the gel liner craze, using the little gel pot with the fine line brush, however, since going back to liquid I can't decided why I ever thought to change, you don't get nearly the same amount of precision with the gel as you do a liquid, and the staying power is wayyy better, and bonus with a liquid you don't have to faff around with the little brush that you have to clean everyday! (Yes makeup that requires less maintanance is a definite plus for me). 

So back to the liner...I opt for the Black Lacquer colour as opposed to the standard black, which I really like because it give a slightly more glossy finish, which I think really helps the pigmentation of the black. It has a flexi felt tip style applicator, which isn't too thin making it easy to work with once you've got the hang of it. In addition the formula drys really quickly meaning when you blink or sneeze when doing your make up (its happened to everyone at least once) it doesnt imprint on the top of your eyelid like a lot of liquid liners do. 

Top tips for application
1. Tilt your head up while looking down 
2. I then draw a line from the centre of the eye to the outer corner and then sketch a line from the inner corner connecting to the middle ( i don't know if this is the best way or just habit!) 
3.Wing your winer toward the end of your brow (if your kept drawing they would connect) -this make it easier to make sure both eyes are even as they have the same vanishing point. 
4. Look straight into the mirror to check both sides are even. 
5. Make any touch ups with a cotton bud.  

I hope this post helped, liquid eye liner can be a right bitch to apply, but with a good product it really does help, I use it pretty much every day!

If you want to see how the eye liner looks check out my Orange Lips Trend post as I'm wearing it there!

Caitlin B

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