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Perfect manicure from home: Essie Product Review

12:54Lamour decaitlin

Ok, so maybe I went a bit over board at the Essie stand in Boots last week, but when its three for two how can you not?! My nails have been a bit of a state lately probably because I rarely give them much attention other than coats of paint, followed by taking it off an re applying. So I took the opportunity to invest n some new nail care products. I ended up going for the Essie Apricot Cuticle oil, I really enjoyed using this product, you just brush a tiny amount onto the nail, and then massage it it to the cuticles of the nail, softening and conditioning them. This has really helped the dry skin around my nails, and just improved the overall appearance of them, as if i've just had a manicure at home! 
The second product was the Essie Help Me Grow base coat, this product was definitely worth the money! Not only does it protect my nails from the coats of colour I paint of every week, it also helps the varnish I paint on top to last longer which is a total bonus! One this i've especially noticed about this polish is that it dries matte, which is quite unusual, but I think this is what makes the colour I put on top stay for so much longer! 
And finally I bought a new bright polish in the colour 'Style Hunter', now I know this is a typically summer colour, but I just couldn't help myself its so gorgeous, the perfect bright but warm toned pink! 

Let me know your favourite Essie products in the comments! 
Caitlin B 


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