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Bargain Make-up Brushes and How I Wash Them

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So as I was trawling through Facebook recently, I came across an ad (that I would usually ignore) but this one caught my eye! The website was Bespoke Offers and it was offering £100 worth of make-up brushes - a 10 piece set - for £23. And for someone who usually doesn't like to splash out on individual brushes it seemed pretty perfect. I hadn't ever heard too much about the brand of the brushes, Catwalk Glamour, but I went for it anyway thinking at an average of £10 a brush, they can't be too bad! It said expect 14 days for delivery, but they came much closer to just 1 week!

This is what they look like, and the handy faux crocodile print travel case them came in! 
The set includes the following brushes (left to right of picture), a powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, foundation brush, blending brush, eye shadow brush, small eye shadow brush, angled eye brow brush, lip brush and an eye brow comb. These brushes are completely synthetic so they are completely vegan too! 

For the most part, I was pretty impressed with how they work, the powder brushes and the blending brush used for concealer is really nice. But others were a little disappointing, such as the foundation brush, its just too small and the wrong shape; product took ages to blend and often looked streaky. I'm not sure I would have paid full price for this set, but at price I got them, I think it was a pretty good deal. The Bespoke offer is sadly over now but the same set is currently on offer on the CatwalkGlamour website.

As for cleaning my brushes, my process is pretty simple. I know there are all sorts of brush cleansers out there but I use good old reliable Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It's so cheap! How could you not?! Whilst running lukewarm water I run the brush under and then apply a small amount of the shampoo onto the palm of my hand and then swirl the brush around and around under the water runs clear. Then re-shape the brush before drying. Simple! Repeat with all of your brushes and make sure you let them dry flat or upside down, never with the bristles facing up as this could dissolve the glue in the brush! I try to wash my brushes every couple of weeks, but it's always a job you find an excuse not to do I know! But it's so worth it as you don't want to be spreading bacteria around you face which could cause you to break out!

Hope this is helpful to some of you!

Caitlin A


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