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Life's a Beach: Messy Tousled Waves

09:27Lamour decaitlin

After getting a lil bit of insp' from this months Glamour Magazine, I decided to venture back into an old favourite territory of mine, tousled messy waves, a look I'd like to think is totally 'Cali Girl Chic' look right? Heres to hoping anyway. I love a good old messy do, because its so casual and gives any girl the opportunity to have that cute bed head look, that looks so effortlessly cool (but we know its not usually that easy- no bey I don't 'wake up like this' springs to mind).
For this look I used my Babyliss waving wand again, however this time rather than split my hair into even sections I just selected random stands of hair and held them around the want for around 8 seconds each, alternating between large and small sections also alternating the directions of the wave. 
I once I was happy with the amount of curls I tipped my head upside down and gave the hair a lil shake off, running my fingers through it and roughening it up to create a more messy look. 
The secret weapon to this look however, was the the Loreal MATT&MESSY Sea salt spray, which i sprayed into the lengths of my hair, creating more texture and volume.  
I really really love this product, I've tried and tested a few different salt sprays over the years and this is by far my favourite, its totally none greasy and shine free so it literally just does make your hair naturally look more wild and voluminous.
If your already have quite textured hair or layered (unlike my dead straight no movement hair) I'd suggest maybe not even curling the hair and just using the spray and alone it does achieve a tousled look but spraying it in and crumpling your hair with your hands while spraying, or alternatively defining sections of hair by twist them round your fingers.  

Another bonus to this product is that it does brush out! I was able to put my hair in a fish tail braid the next day without getting the comb stuck in my hair, which is a regular occurrence with some products. 
Hope you enjoy this post, and try out this beachy look ready for summer!

Caitlin B 

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