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First Impressions: Clinique Supermoisture Makeup and Cheek Pop Blush

10:15Lamour decaitlin

So after buying many drugstore foundations and never quite finding the one for me, I decided that I would explore the higher end of the market. I was wandering around House of Fraser probably looking like a muppet because there wasn't a sales assistant in sight to help me! When I found one she said she could only match me for the Clinque foundations so I gave it a shot, and ended up really liking the result.

I bought the Super Moisture Make-up foundation as it has the most coverage out of the ones that they offer, I bought it in the shade 04 Ivory. The product has a quite lightweight, dewy finish (which I really like in a foundation) and is easy to blend into the skin. But what I liked most about it is that it barely clings on to any dry patches of skin which I really struggle to find in foundations. However, it does give you quite a light coverage, which is perfect for day to day wear, (especially in spring!) but if you want to hit the town on a night out I would personally opt for another foundation with a higher level coverage. The old classic I reach for is Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation. 

Now, their limited edition Cheek Pop blushes were something I had my eye on before. And when the sales assistant finished my look with one of them and I saw how truly beautiful they were not only in their packaging but also on the face, I could not resist buying it. Well, since I was buying the foundation anyway... I have the shade Berry Pop, a really vibrant pretty pink. The consistency of the product is really nice and applies easily onto the skin. It can be quite a bright shade so if I accidentally over do it, I brush it over with a little powder which tones it down perfectly.

Let me know if you've tried these and what you thought of them!

Caitlin A


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