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A New Thing: Nails In Breakfast In Bed

10:08Lamour decaitlin

I thought I'd share a new little nail polish love, I discovered this week and thats the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Breakfast in Bed from the Rita Ora collection. I love love love this pretty little colour for spring, its right on the verge of pastel and bright which is perfect for the lovely three days of summer we've had over in the UK. It's a real pastel mint green colour, very similar to Candy Apple from Essie, so if your looking for a cheaper alternative this is your steal for under £4! 
The brush applicator for these polishes is so good, its really nicely curved so is really easy to work over the nail and gets a good amount of coverage with one stroke. Although the first application may appear quite thin, (if your used to higher end polishes) then don't fret! Once you get the second coat on the pigmentation and glossy effect really picks up to create a beautiful almost gel like finish. 
Theres also a little something special with the look of this polish as it has a ever so slightly pearly finish, which is so small its hardly even noticeable but makes a huge difference in the finish when it catches the light!   

Hope you enjoyed this little read, let me know if you've found any new steal nail varnishes! 
Caitlin B x

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