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Samples Are a Girls Best Friend

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Now is it just me, or are things way more exciting and cute if they are miniture?! Ok I definitely think its a girly thing! So today I thought I'd share with you some amazing products I've discovered through samples. Its such a great way to try out different products and take them for a spin without splashing out on the full size to later discover you hate it! Whats even more of a bonus however, is when they're free. My auntie is the queen of convincing beauty consultants to give her samples of all the latest products, one year I seem to remember her coming away from the Clarins stand with about 15 samples! so its definitely a little shopping trick I've picked up from her and here are my top tricks:

1. Gift boxes: A great and cheaper way to try lost of products from the same range!
2.Magazine: Freebies in magazines are great, Benefit are amazing for this.
3.Ask beauty consultants: More often than not they're more than happy to hook you up with the latest product sample! So get talking to them and don't be worried about asking for freebies!
4.Ask your hairdresser and beautician, they always have product samples stashed away, so ask them if they have any new products in and what they would suggests for your hair/skin.  

Anyway on with my discoveries...

First to mention is the Clarins Hydra Quench Range, including the Intensive Serum and the Cream-Mask, I tried these out in a little gift set from Clarins, which included a full size of the moisturisor, which I did go ahead and re purchase as soon as I ran out because I can't live without it. I also have a big love for these sistering products to, and have found that even though they're miniature they've lasted me for ages! I call these my hungover skin saviours, the Serum especially because it gives my skin an instant zap of hydration, and the mask is really nice for the evenings if you've had a long day! 

Second is the Champneys Distant Shores range, again I was bought a gift box for christmas with the small sizes but I think its available all year round. I adore the smell of these products, they smell so so beautiful very exotic and fruity with extracts of passionfruit, mango and citrus. I think the gift boxes are just the best way to try out everything in the range! 

Now Clinique, are one of the best brands of sample sizes, they always have bonus time, where if you spend over a certain amount you get 10 mini size products to try out, how good is that?! I have made so many discoveries through this, two of my favourites including the: Take the day off, make up remover,  and the Moisture Surge Gel two of my swear by products. My latest however is the Sparkle Skin Exfoliator, its quite a harsh exfoliator, but I find this great for legs, especially to use before fake tanning to make sure you've removed all those dead skin cells, and well as dare I say it, small ingrown hairs (we all get it so I may as well be honest!). This nicely leads onto the Nip and Fab tanning gel, again a lovely product, I think i got it free in a magazine which is another great way to try new things.The product is really fast drying and I found the gel formula really hydrating, which was really refreshing for a fake tan, and I found the covering was really even and didn't leave any streaks, will definitely be trying out more from them! 

Benefit are another amazing brand for sample, I always find the girls in there giving me lots of miniatures to go away and try out, and its how I discovered the Porefessional and the High beam highlighter, two products which I'm sure you've heard lovely raves about. If there are products you want to try, its definitely worth asking the beauty consultants and more often than not they're more than happy to help you! I think we always feel cheeky asking for free things, but why not?! They're there to be used right? 

ESPA are another range I discovered recently. My beautician knows how sensitive my skin can be, and aways offers me samples of the new products they're using so I can test them out for myself. The products I have tried so far have been lovely, really rich and nourishing. My favourite has been the Super Active Skin Radiance Mask, which pretty much does what it says of the tin, definitely going to be purchasing the full size! 

Finally the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, is my favourite hair mask of all time, on recommendation from my hair dresser, I love all the Aussie products I have tried and will be doing a review on my most loved shortly so stay tuned! Although I now purchase the big size and use it two- three times a week, I still always buy the miniature for travelling, because it makes my hair so soft and luxurious!

Sorry this post was so long and rambley! But I hope I've given you some ideas of what products are out there that I'm loving, and how to make the most of samples! 

Caitlin B x 


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