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DUPE ALERT: Essie's Tart Deco vs. Barry M's Papaya

09:39Lamour decaitlin

When I discovered this little dupe for Essie's Tart Deco, I did a cheeky jump for joy in the middle of Boots. Now I know getting excited about a polish is a little sad, but when its your all time favourite shade and your a student that can't keep forking out the £8 for Essie polishes you'll understand!
Tart Deco is one of those summer shades I pull out every year. Its been on every holiday I've been on in the last two years and every time I need a summery pick me up. Its a gorgeous coral, with the perfect balance between orange and baby pink to create a tropical pretty colour. 
Now this dupe is exceptional for three reasons. Number one: The colour completely matches the Essie polish, which means a huge tick for me!
Number two: The application and the finish is amazing. The formula is a little thicker than the Essie, but glides on effortlessly, and the finish is beautiful. If you haven't tried the Gelly Hi-Shine range from Barry M then your seriously missing out! The finish is so shiny and smooth its just gorgeous and looks as if you've had your nails done by a pro! The only down side is it takes a little longer to dry so I just make the effort to try and not touch things after I've applied the polish. 
Number three: THE PRICE. Its so much more affordable than the Essie polishes at nearly half the price, and does the same job so for me its a total winner!
Caitlin B x 

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