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The Beauty Edit: 5 Beautifying Tips without Spending a Penny

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Whoever coined the phrase 'No Pain No Gain' was totally right. We spend hours on end going through countless painful procedures, from bikini waxes, to eye brow plucking, to stabbing yourself in the eye when attempting to tint your lashes (which never ends well for me!) not to mention the sheer pain it causes my bank balance! So yes beauty is pain, both physically and financially! But being a student and having literally £13 to my name right now, I decided to pull out a few tried and tested primp tricks to mix up my beauty routine, which don't cost a penny!

1. Make a Mask -  DIY face masks are awesome if your stuck in a little financial crisis, and can't afford lux skin care. You'll be so amazed by how many kitchen essentials can be used to make a great face mask. Daily Candy have so many great home made beauty ideas so it's definitely worth checking out here. One of my favourites includes using greek yogurt, honey and oatmeal- yes it may feel like your putting your breakfast on your face but it works wonders I promise! TIP- Keep in fridge so its nice and cooling when you apply! 
2. Natural Teeth Whitening - Although I am sure there are many high end amazing options for teeth whitening, an easy bank balance friendly option is Baking Soda and Lemon juice. Simple mix into a paste formula and brush onto the teeth. Leave for a minute and brush off. I know its a very 20's way of doing things but its worth a try right. It won't cost you anything! 
3. Change your parting - This is a really simple one I do all the time to switch up my look. If your a centre parting gal, switch it up to a deep side part and visa versa. It's amazing how much it can alter your facial features.  
4. Mix up your Make up - Try something daring you wouldn't normally do. Everyone has those products in the bottom of the make up bag that they never use, take it out for a spin to change up your look. Try a bold lip or dramatic cat eye! 
5.Posture- Now heres something I never thought I'd thank my Nan for. Being a mere 4ft11 my Nan has always been on at me to stand up straight to make myself look taller and more elegant. Not only does it improve your over all appearance, but it also makes you feel more energised and confident. So get practising your yoga moves ladies and stand up straight!    

Caitlin B x

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