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OOTD: My Brother's Graduation

08:08Lamour decaitlin

 Last week my big brother graduated from uni and I couldn't be more proud! Although the day consisted of a lot of waiting around in the sticky heat that the UK weather has graced us with, there was a beautifully decorated cake and the BEST raspberry mojitos waiting for me at the other end!

 What I wore: the entirety of my outfit was actually bought from Topshop (surprise, surprise). The pinky coral skirt has a faint pattern that you can't see in the photos and I think the colour is just gorgeous for the summer. I am all over the coral trend! The black sheer top may not look like much but I have worn it so so much since buying it, it seems to go with everything! And the shoes, ah the shoes! I fell in love instantly with these; it seems like forever I have been looking for a slightly more formal shoe that doesn't have a huge heel so I can actually last all day in them, and these are perfect I wanna wear them all the time! 

And there you have it, I've got a feeling this may be a recurring outfit over the summer! I bought all of these items very recently, so if you're interested they are bound to still be in store!

Caitlin A


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