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Ecotools 5 Piece Complexion Brush Set

08:32Lamour decaitlin

Today I bring to you a tiny little post with big love for this 5 piece brush set from Ecotools. Not only is it the best bargain I've come across in the Boots brush aisle, its also the most makeup bag friendly and just darn lovely. For a start they just look super pretty with the Japanese style print, and what more they are so divinely soft, I just want to stroke them across my face all day, obviously I do refrain, could be judged if i did. 
The set is kitted out with five complexion brushes including: A flat Concealer Brush, a Buffing Concealer Brush, a Precision foundation brush, the Complex Blending brush and a Full powder brush. I think this is the perfect starter kit for anyone thats looking for a base set, as it is a steal for I think around £12! What I also love it how small the handles are, making them perfect for travel and totally makeup bag friendly! My favourite two that I use everyday without fail are the Buffing Concealer brush, as this makes my concealer super flawless and stops that cakey look you can get from using fingers. My second fav is the Full powder brush, which I actually use for blush, as its the perfect size and shape to fit the apples of my cheeks. I also use the complex blending brush when traveling instead of my Real Techniques expert face brush, as it works in a similar way to give my foundation a smooth air brushed finish. 
Im actually so impressed with these brushes that I do want to go back and see what else they have in the range, to treat my face too. I love the fact the bristles are cruelty-free, and the aluminium ferrules are recycled, making them that extra bit more lovely and special, just call me Caitlin the Tree Hugger!
Let me know if you've tried anything from Ecotools, and whats worth buying from the range!
Caitlin B x 

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