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The Minimalist Illusion: Makeup That Will Fool The Boyfriend

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How many times have you heard a guy say, 'I prefer the natural look' and 'Girls don't need to wear make up' but you just don't feel as confident without the make up to hide behind? Or the other worst fear is when a guy tells you your wearing too much make up (this has happened to me and I was mortified- guys just don't appreciate experimental trends do they?)  So the concept behind today's look is subtle makeup, with a few little beautifying tips and tricks, that will totally fall the boyf to thinking you don't have much on.

The Base: 
To start I used the Benefit Porefessional (1), this ensures that my base is totally smoothed out, which means I should require less foundation, and will make the base last longer! I then decided to highlight under my foundation to make it more subtle but still give me an ever so slight glow, for this you will need a liquid highlighter, I opted for the Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter Pen in Opal (2), and used the tinniest amount on the tops of my cheeks then blended with my fingers. I then went for my trusty Nars Compact Foundation, as I can just use this to create a really light coverage with a dewy finish. Just make sure you blend really well down to the neck and up into the hair line. Alternatively I would opt for a BB cream, but sadly I have run out *cries a little* as this will be totally cake appearance free and no risk of the orange line under chin look. I also concealed any blemishes I had with the Collection 2000 concealer (5) and blended with my finger. 
The Brows
I decided to keep the brows really natural and not too strong. For this I used the Mac Charcoal Brown eye shadow (4) and an angled brush to fill in any sparse areas. I find using a powered eyeshadow is easier than a pencil, as I've gives a more natural finish and is easier to build up. 

The Eyes
I stuck to neutral colours with the eyes, although I know eyeshadow doesn't look totally natural, it can really brighten up your eyes so I wouldn't go without! Today I used the Loreal Colour Appeal Trio Pro in Golden Fidelity (6) I used the golden shade swept all over the lid on a fluffy brush (first brush from left), and then on a flat shader (4th brush) I used the lightest toned pink in the inner corners and tear duct ares to really brighten the eyes. I then used the darkest shade on a rounded blending brush (2nd brush) tapping most the product off onto the back of my hand before lightly blending it into the outer crease to give my eye more shape and definition. To thicken the appearance of my lash line, I look the same colour on an angled brush (3rd brush) and pushed this into the roots of the lashes in the outer corner. Now the next step is the most important of all, CURL YOUR LASHES! (7) This really opens up the eyes making them look bigger and more awake. I then oped for a lengthening mascara, the Clinique Lash Power Mascara (sorry forgot to photograph this!) to naturally lift and lengthen the lashes, I applied this to top and bottom. 
The Bronze and Blush 
Now here is when things can start to get tricky. I went for a matte bronzer with no shimmer just to warm up the appearance of my face. I would suggest not contouring for this look as its quite hard to get right and natural looking! I took Benefit's Hoola (8) on a big face brush, and just buffed it in circling motions where I would naturally get tanned, so across cheeks and temple, I make sure I tap most of the product off onto my hand so I don't apply to much! Then with blush opt for something thats flattering on your skin tone, I used the Benefit Sugarbomb (9), as it can be applied quite subtly. 
The Lips 
So to create slightly fuller and perfect lips I began by lining them with the Model Co. Universal Lip Pencil, then use your perfect nude-my lips but better shade, I went for Revlons Afternoon Tea, (10), I went straight on from the bullet then patted it in with my finger, to make it last longer! 

So that was my minimalist beautifying make up, that I think can fool the boyfriend into thinking you don't have much on. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your tricks for naturally beautifying makeup!
Caitlin B x

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