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Just Landed: Nars Radient Cream Compact Foundation

14:03Lamour decaitlin

Now heres a product I'm a tiny weeny bit excited to talk about, because while Ive only owned it for one short week I already know its love, and I wouldn't be without it. 
So on a cheeky little shopping trip with Caitlin A in Liverpool last week I popped into Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, all beauty lovers heaven on earth, on the hunt for a new foundation when I stubbled across Nars's latest release the Radiant Cream Compact. Now when I originally saw it, it didn't jump out at me, the idea of the product kind of reminded me of the Maxfactor Miricle Touch foundation, which reminded of a product I used to cake on in the girls toilets at school, but one of the lovely sales assistants insisted I had to try it, and I'm so glad I took her up on it. 

For me it literally ticks every box, it gives the most beautiful lightweight and luminous finish, giving my skin a real dewy, heathy glow, perfect for spring, very similar to Nars Sheer Glow. The formula blends seamlessly, that it just looks like my skin but better, I like a light coverage, which is easily achievable with the product however, it can be built up to give a medium coverage.In addition to all this I actually find the product surprisingly moisturising and doesn't cling to any dry patches of skin. 

The thing I love the most about this product however, is how quick and easy it is to use, theres not real need for blending for ages with a foundation brush, like most liquid foundations and the sponge applicator is really easy to work with, an aspect I really wasn't expecting to like. Im so loving how quickly it takes me to do my base now, extra 5 minutes in bed has totally been welcomed with open arms! 

Caitlin B 

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  1. this foundation looks so good, you're so pretty!

    1. aww thankyou, I'm sure its the foundation helping me out!
      Will deco checkout your blog :)

  2. This looks amazing on you! Great review x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thankyou it so is!
      Will deco check out your blog :)x

  3. This looks gorgeous - you look so pretty!! :)

    Layla xx - hope we can follow each other xxx

  4. Aww thankyou, definitely had a helping hand from the product!
    Will check out your blog now :)xx


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