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How To: Orange Lips Trend

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So lately I've been making a conscious effort to change up the lipstick department of my makeup bag. Ie. swapping all the staple deep reds for more spring like brights. The idea of orange lipstick really put me out of me comfort zone at first, but after lusting over pictures of Jessica Alba pulling it off, we can all attempt to right? (or at least a girl can dream).  
So for this look I used the Topshop lipstick in Infrared, which looks like a terrifyingly bright orange, but it can be toned down promise! What I do is go straight on with the lipstick from the bullet, then blot it in with my finger, this makes it work more as a stain (therefore lasting longer!) and also tones down the colour slightly making more wearable for day time. I actually really love the colour as it gives my make up a really bright and querky pop of colour. Additionally if you have blue eyes like me its a double bonus, because it makes them look brighter as orange and blue are opposites on the colour spectrum, therefore clashing against each other to make them appear brighter. 
I then paired the look with Sin from the Urban Decay Naked Pallet all over my lid with Virgin in the inner corners, but any light champagne colours will do. I then finished it off with a double flick cat liner, giving it a feline flirty feel. I really like the double flick as it enhances the outer lashes making them appear thicker and longer. I then swept a coral tone blush Sugarbomb by Benefit across my cheeks to finish the look. 
Let me know how you like to wear the orange lips trend in the comments! 
Caitlin B 

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