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Amanda Seyfried Elle Cover: Soft Brown Smokey Eyes

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So this week I've had a massive girl crush on Amanda Seyfried after reading this months Elle magazine, the interview for this by the way was so honest and eye opening so definitely worth a read!  I also loved her shoot for this, it was a kind of pretty grunge look which I lovedddd, with a really soft brown smokey eye, which I attempted to re create this week. I slightly adapted the look to make it a bit softer and more day time appropriate but if you want to see how I create the look then read on! 

So for my base I started with the Benefit Porefessional, one of my staple products when I want my make up to look extra flawless and want it to last! I've also heard that the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is a great dupe for this, although I've not tried it yet myself but thats a cheaper alternative! I then go on with my new fav foundation the Nars Compact Foundation, to get a glowy, skin perfecting base. For my brows I stuck to my usual routine, using the Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown just to fill in any parts that are sparse and to give more definition.  I also used the Collection 2000 concealer to hide any blemishes. 

For the eyes I used my staple Urban Decay Naked pallet (so worth the investment, I use it every day and have created so many looks with it!) along with the Mac Charcoal brown eyeshadow (multi use product alert!) I started by blending Toasted all over the lid, as a base colour which is slightly purpley in tone on a fluffy brush, similar to what Amanda is wearing, I also blended this all the way along my bottom lash line with a compact rounded brush, keeping it quite messy and low. To give definition I then began to blend Charcoal Brown into the outer corner and into the crease line to create definition. I slowly kept building and blending, building and blending until I got the darkness I wanted. I also blended with a clean brush into a winged shape, using the end of my eye brow as a vanishing point. I again ran the Charcoal brown under the eye, to create more intensity. One thing I would suggest it not to be afraid to go to low with the eye shadow underneath, as it create a really nice intense and smokey grungy effect. To create even more drama in the outer corners I then went in with Dark horse from the Naked Decay Pallet, and really just blended directly into the outer corners and crease to add intensity. 
As I adapted this to a day look, I added Sin into the tear duct area just to brighten the eyes, making them look brighter and wider!
To thicken my lash line I used Dark Horse again on an angled brush, and just worked it into my lash line, to make them appear thicker and add to the smokey look. 

Amanda went for quite a contoured look in this editorial, so I decided to use the Bourjois chocolate bronzer, as it gives a slightly more matte finish. I then sucked my cheeks in an buffed it into the hollow of my cheeks, working in a gigantic 3 shape starting at my temple round and through the hollow of my cheeks and and then along my jaw. I then opted for a browny toned blush- Clinique's Plum, and lightly added this to the tops of my cheeks rather then the apples of compliment the contouring. 
To finish off I went for a peachy coral nude toned lip- Loreal's Dating Coral, I think Amanda went for a slightly lighter tone, however this didn't suit me so I slightly adapted, but any sheer, muted nude will work amazingly to compliment the soft smokey brown eye. 

I'd love to recreate this as a going out evening look, opting for smog as a base colour and Dark horse used more intensely! 
I hope you enjoyed this look and found it helpful, and hope your all having a lovely bank holiday weekend! 
Caitlin B x

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