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I am such a girlie girl at heart, I like to make out like I'm not that much of a princess of pamper, but lets face it, if prince Harry asked to marry me tomorrow the answer would 100% be yes with cherries on top and trip to that spa to celebrate thank you very much. Today, therefore I thought id share my little pamper and chill time routine I try and do once a week if I have the time, that always puts me in a nice chilled out happy mood. I usually try and do this on a sunday night because its the perfect way to end the week.

First things first I like to have a nice big bath with lots and lots of bubbles, if i've had cheeky shop in lush I love to use one of there bath bombs, to create lots of bubbles I use the: Pop in the Bath, Bubble bar slice. I then usually add something moisturising and soothing too like the soap and glory Calm One Calm All, as this smells super good and makes my skin feel all lovely!
If I'm going to fake tan I then exfoliate, for this I use the Soap and Glory - Pulp Friction and then go on to use my favourite smelling shower gel Clean on Me, this stuff smells so good, and is extra moisturising, this is my secret weapon for super soft skin!
After washing my hair I sometimes like to use a hair mask, at the moment Im using one from the Loreal Ever Sleek range and this gives my hair good deep condition, leaving it all super silky and soft. If I feel like a real chill out bath sesh I then either read a magazine or a book, and just really chill out!

Once out of the bath and dried, I then light my favourite scented candles, at the moment I'm loving the Bath and Body Works Bellini Cafe which is really rich and comforting, I've also just discovered one from Next called Apricot Blossom which is more of a fruity and pretty spring scent. I then moisturise up using Clinique Deep Comfort.
If I'm going to fake tan I tend to use a mix of both gradual and instant tan, because I like to see results straight away, (yes I'm very impatient) and for this I used the Dove Summer Glow and the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Matte, I only usually do my legs if I'm going to get them out, which is very lazy but maybe its just because we haven't totally hit summer hard yet. 
I then love a good old face mask, my favourite at the moment is the Lush BB Seaweed, which is a really good all rounder for dry to normal skin, and also minimises redness and doubles up as an exfoliator when you wash it off! I love the fact you keep this product in the fridge as its so nice and refreshing when you apply it to your face! To finish off I love to use Full of Grace, another Lush product which is a beauty bar which if you run under hot water and apply to your face turns into a really beautiful serum which give me really nicely moisturised skin in the morning, I didn't include a picture because mines nearly finished and looking a bit worse for wear! 
I then give my self a little manicure and pedicure, Ive already done a post on this if you want to go check that out: Perfect Manicure from Home  
This week I'm loving Essie's Bond with Whomever which is a beautiful pastel lilac tone!
For the rest of the night I just chill out in my favourite PJ's, eat lots of chocolate and catch up on Gossip Girl or a good film, my last fav was Breakfast at Tiffany's, oh how I love Audrey! I really hope you liked this post, if anyone else has done ones similar please link them below so I can have a read and see what products your loving!

Caitlin B 


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